Sunday, August 07, 2016

Olympic Images of the Day: Day 2

We officially are in Day Two of the Olympics, and like most of you I'm already wondering if I'll get anything done again other than support NBC affiliates for the next two weeks, and also man am I out of shape.  Seriously-you see these people and sometimes I wonder if they're a different species (and occasionally if they centrally-cast these athletes, since how can all of them be that good-looking in select sports).  Anyway, here's some of the highlights/stand-outs for me of yesterday.

Young Prince Harry lookalike Adam Peaty smashed the 100m breaststroke record (which he already had) to smithereens during the HEATS of the Olympics-something that almost never happens, and was over a second better than the next best performer in the event during the semifinals.  His finals are today, and I suspect if he can equal his previous performance he'll be in for a grand gold time.  Also, umm, he's really cute.  It had to be said.  And was, by pretty much all of Twitter.

In less exciting news, 4-time Olympic gold medalist Venus Williams lost in her first-round match, at least in part due to a poor call from the line judge (I'm a BIG tennis fan, and I was yelling profanities that I wouldn't dream of printing here but suffice it to say I was royally upset).  She's still got a shot at the Doubles medal (and also-what's up with the Mixed Doubles match-are they still figuring out the brackets because I can't find them anywhere?), but at 36 this is likely the end of the road for a second singles medal.

I know as an enlightened person I'm not supposed to find this funny, but every four years I do.  The men's gymnasts could all kick my ass and they're all gorgeous and I think Blaine Wilson made me gay, but the cheering from the American men's team, where they're all rooting like they're in a college football game is amusing as they are balancing on rings and doing the splits.  I know this isn't something I'm supposed to find funny, but I do-also the American men's team, including Sam Mikulak (pictured) made it to the Team finals, so huzzah!

Finally, it's always great to be first.  For a second there I was worried that NBC wouldn't get to do their customary nightly gold medal ceremony that always makes me cry, but thankfully Ginny Thrasher came through the 10m air rifle, becoming the first American gold medal of the Rio games.  Congrats Ginny!

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