Saturday, August 06, 2016

Olympic Images of the Day: Day 1

They're back!  Yes, if you've been on my blog for many a moon, you'll know that I have an obsession with the Olympics that comes out every two years and cannot be denied.  Each year, we've put out a series of my favorite photos of things that happened on each day, and of course this year is no exception.  Since we're only so far into the opening ceremonies, let's take a look...

The Parade of Nations is always moving, long, has a plethora of costumes both ornate and occasionally highly eyebrow-raising, ridiculously long, patriotic, and so, so long.  However, it may be the most moving moment of the parade when a group of athletes has no home country.  A standing ovation greeted Team Refugee, and while that is incredibly moving, I wish that those countries that used to be their homes could see the support we have for their everyday people (and incredible athletes) and find a way to find a peace.

While they may be home to the rainforest, coffee, and apparently the birthplace of flight (who knew?!?), what perhaps the pop culture world most identifies Brazil with is their seeming abundance of supermodels, none of which is more famous than Gisele Bundchen, who took a little turn on the world's most-watched catwalk (for her final strut, if we're to be believed), and then danced the night away (something you'd do too if you didn't have to go home to Tom Brady's likely Trump bumper sticker).

Two of my all-time favorite athletes (swimming and tennis being my favorite sports, at the Olympics or outside of it), managed to be the flag-bearers for their countries.  Phelps insists this year is his actual swan song, and I finally believe him so I hope he gets at least one golden moment out of Rio, while Andy (I know it's not patriotic, I don't care-American men's tennis is not going to be a threat for the podium) is hopefully going to take a second gold medal after a smashing Wimbledon victory!

And, finally, umm, Tonga-how you doing?  What event is this guy going to be in?

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