Sunday, May 21, 2017

The 30-Day Movie Challenge

Okay, so if you follow me on Twitter (you should if you don't) you may have noticed that I've been behind in the 30-Day Movie Challenge.  Because I keep forgetting, and because I haven't done a GTKY Sunday in a while, I figured I'd combine the two here and suddenly even if you don't follow me at Twitter, you can get a taste of what you're missing out on.  In proper gif fashion, you can see my answers to the thirty questions (note-because I've seen a lot of movies and didn't want to constantly repeat myself, I sometimes took some liberties & went with a second or third place choice).  Without further adieu...

1. Favorite Movie

2. Last Movie I Saw

3. Favorite Action-Adventure Movie

4. Favorite Horror Movie

5. Favorite Drama Movie

6. Favorite Comedy Movie

7. A Movie that Makes You Happy

8. A Movie That Makes You Sad

9. A Movie You Know By Heart

10. Favorite Director

11. Favorite Movie of Childhood

12. Favorite Animated Movie

13. A Movie You Used to Love But Now Don't

14. Your Favorite Movie Quote
(really anything Vivien Leigh says in this movie-a mammoth performance)

15. First Movie I Saw in Theaters

16. Last Movie You Saw in Theaters
(technically Guardians, but I don't want to repeat)

17. Favorite Movie You Saw in the Past Year

18. Most Disappointing Movie of the Past Year
(with apologies...note I didn't say worst)

19. Favorite Actor

20. Favorite Actress

21. Most Overrated Movie
(It's good, don't get me wrong, but this has been referenced on WAY too many dates for my taste)

22. Most Underrated Movie

23. Favorite Movie Character

24. Favorite Documentary
(I'm aware this is cheating...but I truly don't have a documentary I LOVE-recommend in the comments)

25. A Movie That No One Expects You to Love

26. A Movie that is a Guilty Pleasure
(though honestly, I feel no guilt-this movie is terrific)

27. Favorite Classic Movie

28. Favorite Soundtrack

29. A Movie That Changed My Opinion About Something

30. Worst Movie Ever
(I genuinely don't track this, but this was the first movie that came to mind so I went with it)

How about you?  Answer these questions in the comments!

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