Tuesday, January 24, 2017

25 Random Thoughts about the Oscar Nominations

It has become a running tradition that, in lieu of a comprehensive list and analysis of the Oscar nominations, I simply do a mental rundown of everything that I'm thinking as I look through the nominees (don't worry-in the next 33 days or so we'll have enough analysis for ten lifetimes, so this is just the appetizer).  Without further adieu, the 25 things that first come to mind looking at this year's nominees.

1. I hated the presentation this morning-the only fun part of it was Gabby Sidibe talking about how easy it was to get an Oscar nomination, but you probably could have gotten that with her announcing live.  So, make that happen next year-otherwise this becomes too filled with pablum.

2. La La Land joining All About Eve and Titanic feels wrong to me.  I am not a fan of the movie, but had sort of come-to-terms with it being Best Picture (in a similar way to how I came to terms with The Artist winning).  Putting it into the company of all-time greats, though-not buying it.  The review of it (and as well as missing Best Picture nominees Hidden Figures, Manchester by the Sea, and Lion, none of which I've published my review of) will be coming out by Sunday.

3. Anyone else still entranced by the Moonlight poster?

4. Did anyone else catch that they put certain people (like Amy Adams and Tom Hanks) on the Oscars website briefly this morning?  Was this a technical error (they had writeups all ready to go for these two, which was probably good planning as I think they were both in sixth), or did they accidentally give a sixth place away?

5. Speaking of sixth places-seriously, who got it in Supporting Actress?  Who would be winning this if Viola had randomly ended up in lead?  Can't they have a "after 40 years we release the vote totals" situation, or at least the rankings?

6. Man that Best Actor lineup is boring...particularly with Garfield getting in for the wrong film.

7. I didn't want her in for Loving, but I do hope that Ruth Negga gets trillions of offers off of this as she's been pretty fun during awards season so far.

8. I'd say Meryl should just recuse herself from nominations, but isn't the point of seeing a Meryl film at this point for some fans just to see a film that's guaranteed to be an Oscar nominee?

9. Dev Patel is very attractive.

10. Is the Animated Films branch the most consistently strong with what they're given?  It's really hard to rail against it as an unnecessary category mostly because they generally make strong choices.  Can't wait for The Red Turtle to premiere in a few weeks here.

11. Cinematography and Score really went for the newcomers, didn't they?  Is this a new leaf, or did they just need new blood in the Academy?  And who was the person who told John Williams that for only the third time in 35 years he doesn't need to get a tux?

12. Costume Design remained pretty clubby, though, didn't it?  Colleen Atwood won't be winning, though, as there's no Sandy Powell.

13. Ugh.  Mel Gibson.

14. I am cheering for literally anyone other than OJ: Made in America, mostly because I don't think it should be eligible.  But Ava DuVernay would probably give the best speech, so let's root for her.

15. Hooray for Australia!  First nomination!

16. Oh lord, I have to see Suicide Squad for the Oscar Viewing Project.  Why the hell did I include Makeup in this project?

17. ...oh, and I have to see Passengers.  Super...

18. Justin Timberlake becoming an Oscar nominee was the low point of the morning for me.  I feel the way about him that many people do about Anne Hathaway.  But I love Anne Hathaway.  I'm going to pretend she got this nomination instead of him.  Much better.

19. Lin-Manuel Miranda on the red carpet is going to be bliss.  I know he's entered a new phase of ubiquity so the backlash will probably happen any second now, but I still can't get enough.

20. J. Ralph has now been nominated for music in three documentaries.  That has to be a record-right?

21. Stuart Craig continues to find ways to lose for the Harry Potter films.

22. How many Oscars is La La Land going to win, and are they really going to give it Sound Editing?  The sound was easily the worst element of the film-I would actually cheer for Hacksaw Ridge to take it over Chazelle's film, which is saying something as I didn't like Hacksaw, but it did have superior acoustics.

23. Call me crazy, but I'm actually kind of excited to catch Deepwater Horizon-how do you make Gina Rodriguez not enjoyable to watch?  It feels impossible.

24. With Arrival out of the VFX category race, I'm stumped over whether to cheer for Doctor Strange or Kubo, even if neither actually have a shot at winning.  Maybe Deepwater will underdog there?

25. The Jungle Book was terrible.  That is all.

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