Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thoughts On the Lost Promo Posters

Hey, I warned you it was going to get nerd-tastic up in here.  If there is anything that I loved about the Lost build-up each season, it was the way that they would release at the beginning of each season a photo of the entire cast on a beach or in some pose and you were meant to decipher what it meant.  I assembled one for each season that was released (sometimes it was multiple, sometimes only one) and am stating the first five things that call out to me as I look at a particular photo.  Weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments.

Season 1

1. Rose is in the picture!  I've read that she was actually supposed to be a main character but for some reason got dropped to just recurring.  Interesting-wonder what would have been added to her story if they'd gone that way.
2. Fascinating that Boone is right next to Claire, considering they both would have a very big night with different outcomes during the first season.
3. Projecting: Sawyer at the side of the group, Sun looking upset with standing next to Jin.
4. Center of the group is weirdly Charlie and not Jack or John, who is off by himself in the distance.
5. Not to be nitpicky, but this isn't the direction the middle section was actually set up in terms of where the ocean is, correct?

Season 2

1. It's always hard to tell whether or not a photo like this is actually of the cast together or just photo-shopped.  Of the bunch, Kate looks like her hair is going in a different wind direction than Hurley, Claire, or Sayid, so I suspect at least Evangeline Lilly wasn't there for this photo shoot.
2. Do Claire and Sawyer really wear sandals on the show-wouldn't that be uncomfortable?
3. Almost every other poster image of Libby is exactly the same-this is the only one where she appears slightly different.
4. Interesting placement of Michael and Ana Lucia at the center, considering their plotline this particular season.
5. Jack and John, taking up the left of the picture is noteworthy considering they are for most intents and purposes, the stars of the show.

Season 3

1. We've moved inland in this picture, showing that the show was less about getting rescued on the beach and more about going further into the island.
2. Jin and Sun being split apart seems appropriate considering what happens in this season.
3. I love the two Others being on the outside of the photo.
4. John and Jack have finally taken their positions in the center of the photo, with Sayid randomly in-between them (which doesn't make a huge amount of sense considering his plot this season).
5. Not really getting much about Desmond here-next to Sun and Hurley doesn't make a lot of sense-wouldn't being near Charlie be more appropriate?

Season 4

1. The poster gives away little in terms of the Oceanic 6-none of them are grouped together on the poster or even in similar positions.
2. I am kind of in love with the placement here of John and Jack, both on opposing sides, and facing in each other's direction.
3. They were not subtle in putting Kate between Sawyer and Jack, were they?
4. Interesting that they skipped entirely out on the Kahana folks considering they let Juliet and the Tailies in on the fun previously.  Michael being absent makes more sense, though, considering his role was a surprise.
5. I love that the three seated people are arguably the ones who lost the most at the end of the season: Sun goes without Jin, Sawyer misses the helicopter, and Ben has to leave the island.

Season 5

1. They got a lot more artistic in the final two seasons in terms of these posters, but where exactly is this supposed to be?  It's clearly not the island.
2. I know the picture is slightly small, but Evangeline Lilly looks a-characteristic here.
3. Do you think at this point the women in particular demanded that they get to wear something better in the promo, as all four of the ladies look like they're in a Louis Vuitton ad?
4. It's so weird to not have Jin in a promo isn't it?  Even though he was left on a cliffhanger over whether or not he was still alive, I'm kind of flummoxed they didn't include him.  Nice opportunity to put Sun in the center, though.
5. Does anyone on the island wear something other than earth tones?

Season 6

1. Ahh, the famous Last Supper promo, which got a lot of flack for copying Battlestar Galactica.
2. While it's relatively obvious that John is in the Jesus position and why (he came back from the dead, of course), it's worth noting that some of the other headliner disciples are well-cast as well: Sayid as Judas (he betrayed Dogen at the Temple), Sawyer as the John the Evangelist (he was Locke's right-hand man for a good chunk of this season), and doubting Thomas is of course Jack.
3. Really not sure what to think of Kate as Saint Peter.  Wouldn't Hurley have been more appropriate considering how the season ended up?
4. Ilana and Claire are just chilling, having some wine-they know they aren't getting centric episodes this year and are just along for the ride.
5. Like Season 5, where exactly is this supposed to be-is it near the crash of the Ajira plane?  Is this on Hydra Island?

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