Sunday, March 27, 2016

Just One More: The New Man in Charge

Well, I truly hope you enjoyed the Lost Week we just had, and that it brought back fond memories of the series (or made you want to see the show).  Tomorrow we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming of movies and politics, but before that happens, I figured since Damon and Carlton left us with one last tidbit that showed up on the Lost Season 6 DVD, it was imperative that we also give that a recap as well.  Until then, see you in another life, brother.

The New Man in Charge

Review: In little under twelve minutes, Lost gave us a tiny little treat.  I can’t possibly see this as the “final” moment on Lost (that deserves to belong forever after to “The End”), but it is a nice little nugget for Lost fans and answered a few hanging chads of the story.  Namely, why did the Dharma pallets still come to the Island, why the fascination with the polar bears, what was the deal with the pregnancies being fatal, and most importantly, what happened to Walt.  It turns out, Ben served as the new Richard Alpert under Hurley, and he went back for the final castaway, Walt.  Personally, I loved the circular attitude of the episode, as it rounded out the only other character that needed to go back-Walt (at that point, every ticket-holder of Oceanic 815 had had the option of going back if they so chose, and proving Lost’s point, every single one of them did go back to the Island).  Was this necessary?  Probably not, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  And while it was a tad bit tongue-in-cheek, Benjamin Linus’s stare, that cold mental ward, and final resolutions all made it a worthwhile investment.
Hurley Dude Count: 2, both toward Walt
Unanswered Questions: What was Walt’s new role on the Island?  How could he help Michael on the Island?
Best Line: “All right, before I go, I’ll let you each ask a question, just one.  So, make it count,” –Ben, echoing what all of the fans wish they could do.
Best Moment: Ben, fearing he’s said too much.
Episode MVP: Ben, who manages to show that his new redemption did not exempt him from his Island elitism (only one question, oh peons).

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