Thursday, January 14, 2016

50 Random Thoughts About This Year's Oscar Nominations

I find that with Oscar nomination day, there's too much at once.  All of a sudden I find myself texting, pouring over nominees, wondering randomly who was included or who wasn't, instantly jumping to whom I think will win (and just as quickly, who should be winning), and as a result the day of the Oscars I can't put out a proper list of thoughts and ideas.  We'll be getting into the world of this year's nominees over the coming days and weeks, but until then, here's some real time (well hours late but at the time real time) thoughts I had throughout the day about this year's Oscar nominees.

1. I wonder if Ang Lee will mention something about Alan Rickman? :(

2. Sam Smith-does this mean Bond themes are now a "thing" with Oscar?

3. How great was Adele on James Corden?


5. What the hell is Winter on Fire?

6. Sound Editing-totally nailed it.

7. Also called Makeup!

8. Why do I keep thinking that Sturrerer starred someone famous?

9. I am so glad I don't have to see Beasts of No Nation.

10. I cannot believe a majority of an awards body thought Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander were supporting parts.

11. Jurassic World is the highest grossing film of all-time not to be an Oscar nominee.

12. Sylvester Stallone is now the second longest gap between first and second nominations, topped only by Henry Fonda.  And like Hank, I think Sly is winning on his second go-around.

13. Star Wars makes editing-that was an extra nomination I wasn't expecting.  The love is clearly there.

14. I wonder how close Harrison Ford was to taking out Tom Hardy.  Come to think of it, when is Harrison Ford getting his Sylvester Stallone moment?

15. When I saw Fifty Shades of Grey earlier this year, I was really thinking "I need to get to this for the OVP"

16. Wait, who did Lenny Abrahamson take the place of?

17. #oscarssowhite is about to start trending

18. Carol missed-I called it.

19. Hardy and Rampling both make it without a Globe or a SAG, Mirren misses once again from that vantage point.

20. Supporting Actress could go any which way but McAdams.

21. Roger Deakins ties the most nominations without a win record for Cinematography.

22. WHOA!  It was Ridley Scott they skipped!

23. I still can't believe Cheryl Boone Isaacs didn't pronounce last year's Best Director's name correctly.

24. Though Pine, Hemsworth, Krasinski-talk about the equal opportunity objectifying.

25. Cool-the Racing Extinction guy was also nominated for Chasing Ice.

26. Could Sam Smith actually win?!?

27. I feel like major movie stars who want Oscars are going to start begging to do songs for prestige documentaries. Beyonce will have one lined up by the end of the day.

28. Brad Pitt is nominated is Steven Spielberg.

29. Weird that Kathleen Kennnedy didn't produce Bridge of Spies.

30. Desplat missed-apparently that Oscar last year was enough.

31. Considering del Toro missed, Sicario did well.

32. Compton means that Tarantino missed.  That's awesome.

33. I love that Ex Machina was in VFX over Jurassic World and Avengers.

34. I was so confident Belgium would make it since they had Catherine Deneuve in their film.

35. Is Best Score a battle between Ennio Morricone and Thomas Newman in a "give me a damn Oscar!" sort of thing.

36. John Williams @ 50.

37. The Good Dinosaur is the first original Pixar movie to ever miss.

38. Damn it!  I just realized I didn't need to sit through Black Mass.

39. Harvey's first miss in seven years.

40. J. Law is getting a backlash over this-it's her first truly undeserved nomination.

41. And #oscarssowhite is now trending.

42. That's more a Hollywood problem than just an AMPAS one, let's be honest.

43. Wait, all of the writers on Straight Outta Compton are white?

44. The Revenant got twelve nominations but none for writing.  I wonder who Chivo's biggest competition is.

45. I can't believe Mad Max is a best picture nominee.

46. Considering how clearly competitive and sporadic original screenplay was, I bet Amy Schumer wishes she'd made a bigger play for Trainwreck ala Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids.  I think she could have made it.

47. Rene Angelil died-cancer has been really awful to Hollywood in the past few days.

48. Saoirse Ronan is now, along with Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood, and Jodie Foster, one of four actors to be nominated both as a child and an adult.

49. I loved her on Stephen Colbert.

50. Sylvester Stallone is going to win an Oscar.  You know that Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, and Bill Murray-all of the leading men of the 1980's-are going to do the same soon.  And yet Glenn Close will be lucky to nab an Honorary at ninety...and she'll do it the same year Meryl gets the Hersholt.

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