Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Predictions for 2016

CNN, in all of its boldness, decided to survey 12 of their top correspondents about their thoughts on what will happen in 2016.  Rather than do an annual list of 36 random predictions for the year, I decided to try my hand at the news organizations' task, and answered all of the questions they poised to their employees.  Here's what I came up with:

1. Who will be elected president on November 8?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, after an incredibly close race, closer than either of those enjoyed by Barack Obama, and she will be given about one day (Inauguration) in terms of a honeymoon before the Republican Congress starts to tear her to shreds.  As a Democrat I'm not good at predicting victory for my party (we're a pessimistic lot), but the math is too good for her not to succeed and buck history by getting a third term (one of several ways her win will challenge the status quo).

2. Who will come in second in the presidential race?

Ted Cruz-I go back-and-forth on an almost hourly basis between Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (whom I still think is able to beat Clinton, making this one of those rare years where the nominee actually matters), but Cruz is peaking at the exact right time and considering the year that the GOP has had it's hard to imagine that someone not from the Trump/Cruz/Carson wing of the party takes the nomination.  Donald Trump will take New Hampshire, and then fade into the background (as much as he can), while persistently playing up a third party bid that never actually happens but increases Maalox purchases at the RNC.

3. Which nation will win the most medals at the 2016 Olympics?

China will put up a solid fight, but the United States will emerge victorious on this one.

4. What movie will win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Spotlight, with The Martian and The Revenant close behind.

5. Who will win the Super Bowl?

I'm not a huge football person, so I'm going to just assume the Patriots since Tom Brady doesn't want his legacy to be that of deflated balls.

6. Who will win the men's final at Wimbledon?  Who will win the women's final?

I DO know something about professional tennis, however, and I see no reason to assume that Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams won't take it again, though Simona Halep is going to eventually take out Serena in a major tournament and my heart eternally belongs to Andy Murray.

7. Who will win the World Series?

In the same year that I'm predicting Hillary Clinton will win the White House, I'll say her beloved Cubs join her in upending history.

8. What will be the closing level for the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the last day of 2016?

The dow will be around 18,500, the jobless rate will likely be down...and we'll still be talking about whether or not we're in a recession on FOX News.

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