Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Random Thoughts on the Golden Globe Nominations

There we have it folks, the Golden Globe nominations are now out, and we have what may be the most eclectic group of nominees in conjunction with the SAG Awards I have seen in a while.  Honestly, I am going to be royally disappointed if after all of this we see the same names keep showing up in the winners circle, as this is at the very least exciting and could have us poised for some surprising victors on Oscar night even if the lead winners feel pretty locked in for trophies right now (Leo and Brie, start clearing a shelf).  Let's look at five of my thoughts about yesterday morning's Golden Globe nominations.

1. Best Actress's Fifth Slot is Crazy Competitive

Right now, it feels like four women who got Globe nods Thursday morning feel like they'll be joining the Best Actress race: Cate Blanchett, Brie Larson, Saoirse Ronan, and Jennifer Lawrence.  All but J. Law got both Globe and SAG nominations, and in her case it's a late-breaking movie that stars the planet's biggest movie star, so I feel like it's pretty locked in for the nomination.  The fifth slot, though, is anyone's guess.  The day after Sarah Silverman and Helen Mirren inserted themselves with vigor into the Best Actress race, we saw some of the other names that have bandied for months like Lily Tomlin and Maggie Smith put into the contest, as well as current supporting campaigns for Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara proving they probably should have gone lead.  The fifth slot could, quite frankly, go to either of the two women, but if it doesn't this is wide open as there's no consistency.  Both Tomlin and Smith could make it, of course, but they're in little seen films and are both comedies that won't score anywhere else.  Names like Charlotte Rampling, Blythe Danner, Carey Mulligan, and even Charlize Theron are also women that could be in the contest, but can they land that rare no-precursor citation?  We'll be looking at the odds of that happening in the next couple of days (it's a TMROJ tradition), but if Mara or Vikander aren't promoted, this could go anywhere.

2. Double-Dipping?

A day after Helen Mirren randomly got two SAG nominations, this morning it was Alicia Vikander that was there twice.  Vikander got cited for both The Danish Girl and Ex Machina, and considering she has been considered by multiple people for both roles now (though The Danish Girl more vociferously), one wonders if she'll be a victim of vote-splitting considering the year that she's had.  Mirren also got nominated this morning for Trumbo, along with Bryan Cranston, which makes me assume this is now a thing-dual nominations at both awards shows means that one or both of them is probably going to make it with Oscar, and considering Cranston is a giant right now in Hollywood and Mirren is a 4-time Oscar nominee, it could so easily be both (I'm guessing it in my current predictions).

3. Best Actor in a Comedy is Hilarious...But Not in the Way You'd Want

Wow-the Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical field, almost always a bit of a question mark in terms of quality, didn't disappoint in this ridiculously weak year for the Best Actor field, as we saw obvious winner Matt Damon (The Martian) joined by Christian Bale & Steve Carell (The Big Short...which is also now a thing considering its strength the past two days), Al Pacino bizarrely for Danny Collins, and perhaps most staggeringly Mark Ruffalo for the little seen Infinitely Polar Bear, the closest we got today to a Sarah Silverman moment.  Ruffalo made it here, but weirdly not for once titanic-sized Best Picture contender Spotlight, which seems to have lost a bit of steam even if it's the only film to score nominations both yesterday and today aside from The Big Short.  It's starting to look like the "everyone's supporting!" campaign for the film isn't working, as Keaton and Ruffalo won't have an obvious "whom should we vote for" position on ballots, and look likely to lose out to surging Paul Dano and Idris Elba.

4. What Happens with Mad Max: Fury Road at the Oscars?

I know the focus should be on the Globes, but the way I'm taking this morning is all about the Golden guy, and Mad Max: Fury Road is the true question of the morning (Creed and its late-surge that didn't hit these awards is the other one).  In my predictions in the past few days I found myself predicting it for eight awards, but could that actually be less than it should be?!?  At this point nominations for directing, writing, art direction, and perhaps even acting aren't totally outside the realm of possibility-could it be the nomination frontrunner (and with that, perhaps even a winner?!?)?  There's no precedent for something like this at Oscar except perhaps The Dark Knight, and even that didn't make Best Picture or Director so I cannot figure it out.  To think a few months ago we were wondering if John Seale or Visual Effects could somehow happen-now they are more than likely the winners.

5. Melissa McCarthy is Finally a Globe Nominee

This is a report that almost no one else was going to write about, but considering I've been tracking this for years I wanted to point out that Melissa McCarthy finally got in with the Globes after bizarrely never making it before.  McCarthy has had ample opportunities in the past (Bridesmaids, Mike & Molly, The Heat, St. Vincent) but it never happened before today with Spy.  One wonders if, with Jennifer Lawrence already a very recent two-time winner with HFPA, she might even win if Lawrence doesn't take it by default or will it be Tomlin taking a sentimental trophy?  It's worth noting that McCarthy's nomination comes at the expense of Globes' pet Meryl Streep, missing for the first time in a while for Ricki and the Flash.

And there you have it-my from-the-gut first thoughts on the Globe nominations-what are yours?  I didn't touch television once again, but know that I'm reprogramming my DVR just like you to catch a few of these shows (the Globes continually live up to their reputation of going with the new compared to the staid nominations that come at the SAG and Emmy Awards).  Share film or TV thoughts down below!

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