Thursday, April 27, 2006

How can that woman be 48?

We now take a break from the Countdown of the 100 Greatest Performances to bring you the most beautiful onscreen blonde, since, well, since ever. Because there's no lovely, sexy, stunning goddess quite like Michelle Pfeiffer. Just look at her. I mean, Michelangelo himself could not have cribbed a more flawless face. It's timeless, it's ravishing, it's the stuff of screen iconography. Pfeiffer is one of those rare actresses you could see in any era. Can you imagine her in the hands of Howard Hawks? Of Ingmar Bergman? Of Hitchcock?
Most will highlight in this birthday blog-a-thon (if you did not see the icon up top, this is part of a huge blog-a-thon hosted by Nathaniel-check out all of the other Pfeiffer-inspired love by clicking on any image of the golden lady) on Catwoman or Baker Boys or the glorious blonde one's absence from the screen. However, I'm going to highlight One Fine Day, one of Pfeiffer's lesser known roles.
The reason for my love of this film is that this was my first introduction to Pfeiffer. Being twelve at the time (guess my age from there), I was enthralled by this uber-sophisticated pairing of debonair George Clooney and the haunting, haughty Pfeiffer. I was instantly attracted to her thawing of the ice princess ideal. The way she spouted off how Clooney had a "Peter Pan" complex, I was totally laughing in the rows. The rest of my sixth grade posse had no idea what to make of this sophisticated, totally underappreciated romantic comedy, but I remember listing it as my favorite film of that year. The scene where a frazzled Pfeiffer changes in front of the mirror, trying to remember what it was like back when she was a hot young single, you can see the wile in her eyes, and the complete melding of actress and character. Michelle, I implore you, make more films-screen memories like those I have of One Fine Day can only be created by an actress as world class as yourself.
Happy birthday to Michelle-may you someday have the Oscar you deserve!



one fine day is underrated as romantic comedies go. thanks for this post.

That Little Round-Headed Boy said...

Yes, I love both her and Clooney in this one. If only she'd made more movies this fine. Nice reminder!

Paul S said...

I love One Fine Day and never get tired of talking about it. It must be the fantasy?
That your horrible day can turn into magic. That you get to fall in love with George Clooney or Michelle Pfeiffer. And that it can all happen in one day. Films like this keep us breathing, keep us hoping. And Michelle Pfeiffer has never been more gorgeous. I am so in love with her in this film.